Although Australian business owners might think brochures, flyers, and catalogues are a thing of the past, they should think again. There are consumers all over the country who look forward to their annual seed catalogue or a department store tome. Businesses still put brochures in those special shelves at hotels and motels and replace them regularly because people take them. In fact, studies indicate that the majority of consumers still prefer to hold paper in their hands than to read off of a screen if they have the choice.

Effective Marketing

How many people actually read brochures is another matter, but if they are satisfying the desire to hold and touch printed matter, they are successful. This is why companies ask where you heard about them when you place an order. If you say “from a brochure,” they know to keep on printing them. If you check the box that says “online,” maybe their industry is better off focusing on social networking and Internet advertising banners.

Brochure Printing Melbourne

Ultimately, thousands of businesses across Australia will decide to do both: advertise online and on paper. This way, they appeal to many people at once, and unless your clientele comes from a technology-based niche where books are a part of history, that clientele has diverse needs and expectations. For older men and women reluctant to pick up a mobile phone or log onto the Internet, brochures, catalogues, and flyers are the only way to go. The same people who prefer real books over e-books enjoy the weight, glossy feel, and smell of new paper.

So now you know that you cannot get away with an online-only advertising campaign. How do you go about finding brochure printing Melbourne firms can rely on? Ironically, you go to the Internet.

Lots of Choice

There is almost too much choice, so start by picking a firm that can handle your transaction online from start to finish. Look for 24-hour turnaround, competitive pricing, and choice. Select a firm that rewards customers for choosing a big print run of 800 or maybe 3,500, perhaps more. The range should accommodate your business size (small, medium, or large), but also be able to look after a small order of 150 or 300 brochures for a limited full-color order.

The paper you choose alters pricing somewhat. A higher-weight gloss paper obviously costs more too, but so does environmentally responsible stock strangely enough. Still, what funds you invest in green printing will come back to you when customers choose your green firm over the others which put money ahead of trees.

When you find a Melbourne company that gets the job done on time to a high standard, find out if there are branches of the same firm elsewhere in the country. If so, recommend them to your business friends. This is how good pricing, quality, and customer service survives and forces other businesses to improve their standards. Also, consider what more a firm can do for you in the way of novelty printing, flyers, and business card printing.

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