A good number of homeowners have open space either in front or at the back of their homes specifically designed for relaxation in the open air and other outdoor activities. Such open spaces are furnished with various types of furniture such as chairs, side stools and tables suitable for dinning. However, given that outdoor environment is not the same with indoor environment, it is not any type of furniture that is suitable for outdoor uses. Any type of furniture fabricated specifically for outdoor use is known as outdoor furniture, garden furniture or patio furniture. Outdoor furniture comes with a number of features that make them suitable for outdoor use.

The use of specific type of furniture for outdoor purposes dated back to the ancient times. Typical examples of patio furniture used in the ancient time were the types found in Pompeii gardens.

Materials used in making them

There are different kinds materials used in the fabrication of outdoor furniture. Popular materials used in creating patio furniture include plastic, wicker, wrought iron, aluminum, stainless steel, wicker, steel and sling material. The strength of each of these materials is not the same. Some have better durability than others. However, despite the difference in quality and durability, any material used in fabricating garden furniture has strong resistant to elements of weather such as sun, rain, snow and others. This explains why outdoor furniture can be kept in an open air space in any particular time of the season. Though the summer season remains the most favorable time for outdoor activities, there are still individual that prefer relaxing in their outdoor space during cold weather.

However, these materials are further treated to increase resistance against the element of weather. For example, garden furniture pieces made from wood are periodically treated so as to reduce the effect of element of weather on them. The same thing could be said of those that are constructed with metals like aluminum, steel, wrought iron and stainless steel.

Types of outdoor furniture

There are various types of outdoor furniture available today. They can be differentiated based on the material that is used in creating them or based on the purpose they served. They can also be differentiated according to their designs. Below are some of the types of outdoor furniture

  • deep seating
  • chaises
  • dining sets
  • modular seating
  • caf & bistro furniture
  • bar stools and tables
  • balcony furniture
  • accent tables and seating

There are other accessories that are designed for outdoor environment which include:

  • umbrellas
  • outdoor furniture covers
  • fire pits
  • replacement cushions

Each of these furniture types and accessories is unique in its type and may be made with a number of materials.

Where to use outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture can be used for various reasons and under various outdoor spaces.

  • The patio is a good outdoor space to relax especially during the summer time. If your home has a patio, you should look for furniture suitable for a patio.
  • The pool side is another suitable outdoor space to keep some furniture for relaxation. A chaise is suitable for a pool side since it is a good location for sunbathing.
  • The backyard, garden or lawn is another good place to relax with friends or family members. You can keep a lounge in your garden for relaxation with your friends.
  • There is a set of outdoor furniture specifically designed for picnickers. Such a set of furniture is lightweight so that picnickers will easily carry them in their cars. They are also easy to fix and dismantle.

Furnishing your outdoor space

If you have an outdoor space, you need to furnish it properly so that it will serve its purposes. There are plethoras of choices of outdoor furniture to buy. It all depends on your budget and style of preference as well the weather condition in your area. However, if you are looking to furnish your outdoor space, you should consider the following factors:

  • the material used in creating the furniture
  • the available open space you have (this will determine the number of furniture to buy)
  • the purpose the furniture is meant to serve
  • the location where it will be kept

Protecting the outdoor furniture

Building and Furnishing your outdoor space will add color to your home. But it creates more work to you. It is important that you take care of the furniture so that it will last longer for you. Below are some of the tips that you should apply in order clean your outdoor furniture.

  • Use clean water and piece of cloth to clean your furniture always.
  • You should go the extra mile in protecting your garden furniture against the element of weather. When they are not in use, cover then with outdoor furniture cover.